Standard Stable Door. Complete door from £275 + frame

A strong and robust door at a great price, utility style fittings will do the job in any yard big or small.

Door size, total size for elements

2,120mm high x 1,190mm wide, excluding the frame


Door set, complete with ironmongery £275
Bottom door only with crib bar, hinges and bolts (1255mm high) £200

Top door only with hinges (865mm high)


3 piece door frame kit






Door frame kit: Consists of 3 elements, 2 posts and a lap joint to header made from ex 100mm x 100mm PAR softwood, treated in our premium stain complete with door stops.


  • Anti-chew to top of bottom door
  • Plated tee hinges
  • Kick over bolt
  • Retaining catches 
  • Padlock bolt with elongated keeps

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